Outstanding restaurants in Good Earth City Centre Gurgaon would sweep you off your feet in just a second. This mall is a heaven for Foodie, is also for people who like to eat while shopping and is great place for a weekend’s dinner. The 5 Must-go restaurants in Good Earth City Centre are-

  1. 0124 Bar Exchange

A newly opened brewery in Good Earth City Centre Gurgaon. 0124 Bar Exchange has a beautiful terrace which gives it the essence of a proper peace with indoor sitting space also. A must go place for all the party lovers in Gurgaon. The most affordable bar which serves freshly brewed beer as low as Rs. 49 only.

  1. The Kylin Experience

It’s the perfect collaboration of exquisite hospitality and outstanding food in an iconic setting in Gurgaon, Good Earth City Centre that makes The Kylin Experience a treat to behold. The chefs have put their lives into breaking down the walls between dining room and kitchen, making sure the customer experience is excellent from start to end- with its extreme selection of delicacies spanning from various cuisines from China, Thailand, and Japan; Kylin Experience blends exquisite dining with innovative offerings such as Noodles, Live Sushi and Teppanyaki table, to name a few. Visit the Kylin Experience, Good Earth for a sumptuous gastronomical affair.

  1. Instapizza

Instapizza a place for all pizza lovers, the place is filled with variety of Pizzas as well as Brownies. People has reviewed this place as one of their favourites and recommends all of them to visit it at least once. Located in Good Earth City Centre, it is known for its Monster Pizza and Deep Dish Pizza.

  1. The Beer Café

Being India’s largest beer chain and also the only café in India with a range of 50 different varieties of beer from across 17 countries in the world and largest collection of draught beers to spoil yours for choice. A pleasant place to spend time with your loved ones. Recommended here are – Keema Pav, Long Island Iced Tea, Onion Rings, Wheat Beer, Draught Beers.

  1. Chaayos

Recommended by the 90% of population nearby, Chaayos located in Good Earth City Centre is the best place to have long conversations or to play catch up with old buddies over a hot streaming cup of tea.

Suggestions here are as follows:

  • Keema Pav
  • Bun Omelette and Bun Maskas
  • Desi Chai, Masala Chai and Ice Tea
  • Do visit in monsoon season to try out their pakode especially made in monsoon.

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