Wouldn’t life be easier if all you wanted was available at one stop?
From food to health centres, everything at one place, everything at once!
So below is the list of things that make Good Earth City Centre stand out-

1. A Good place to shop for all kinds of events-

Be it Diwali or a Business Meeting or just a day out, GECC provides you with thousands of options as well as variety of shops and brands, from colours to flowers pattern, from bold to warm, all kinds of clothes are here at one stop.

GCEE is one sure shot solution for every fashion emergency!

2. Food for Every Mood –

Ranging from Sweet to spice, GECC presents food of every kind. Food from across the world is available here, from Mughal taste to Italian oregano, for people who like to spice it up and for those with a sweet tooth. Being a Foodie, this place heaven for people who always like to change their menu. Some known and must go restaurants are – The Ancient Barbeque , The Kylin Experience, Bijoli Grill and Yo! China. Must try – Chocolate paan, Monster Pizza and Deep-dish Pizza and Desi Chai in Chaayos.

3. Celebration of different days –

Starting from Valentine’s Day to Halloween, GECC never fails to spice up even the most ordinary days in our life. Celebrating International Women’s day to count the endless efforts of women, International Men’s day to motivate them and to celebrate the essence of life by valuing the children of the country and also a day to go crazy like Halloween. GECC celebrates everyday like its meant to be celebrated.

4. GECC supports various social causes-

It is easier to feel sorry for somebody who is suffering from cancer but GECC helps them to survive the hardest time of their life by making it their priority to contribute in the CANKIDS organisation. It is an organisation which helps children suffering from cancer to fight and defeat cancer. There have been many rallies to support this cause such as Go Golden Rajasthan Car rally and many more rallies to create awareness regarding the cause.

5. GECC makes every festival special-

Very well knowing the enthusiasm of every festival in India, GECC knows how to change the normal mood into a festival mood. On the top of the list is – the delicious Navratra Thali to contest held in Diwali and Valentine’s day. The main attraction of GECC is the celebration of Republic Day by hosting the flag, singing the National Anthem following it the programs done by various talented kids.

6. GECC is the all-rounder because-

Be it from styling yourself to styling your room, GECC provides you with every store under one roof. Good Earth City Centre is the centre of happiness for all those who hates travelling here and there for small things. Groceries to Optical stores, from food to Fitness, GECC is all at one and everything at once indeed!

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