Why Good Earth City Centre is a big hit?

Why Good Earth City Centre is a big hit?

Good Earth City Centre is the centre of happiness for people living around. It has proven to be a hit because it is one of the quietest and most peaceful malls in this part of the town. Malls are built for our convenience and it just serves the purpose; a place to buy everything and a place to hang out with friends.

  1. Long List of Shopping-

Your journey probably begins by trying different stores in the mall to find the right outfit for the occasion but promised is the fact that whatever you need is confined in Good Earth City Centre. A variety of different clothes, patterns, designs and colours.

  1. Hunger needs to be Served-

Who Doesn’t eat while shopping?

The Good Earth City Centre is just the right place to do it, with innumerable shops, there are innumerable options to eat. Chinese, Italian, Mongolian and many more at one place.

  1. Shopping Again-

Resuming to the list of thee things that are left to buy. Well, if you’re looking for shoes, there’s Feetoes {they especially have some great options for kids} and Bata. Plus, there’s good-ol’ Benetton {we’re sure you haven’t been in a while} if you’re looking for a summer dress or a pair of shorts.

  1. Snack Time

Completing all that shopping, obviously needs a chai break, look no more- there is Chaayos to present you with their best desi chai and to experiment with normal chai to make it worth our time.

  1. Bottoms Up

The Beer Cafe is a super chill place that allows you to work on a presentation while you sip on ice-cold beer. The decor is simple yet classy. They’ve got more than 50 different beer options to chug from; definitely a place to go to if you’re planning on catching up with some old buddies from college.

  1. Health is Wealth

Good Earth City Centre brings you the best gym in the country, Crossfit- a place where exercising is never boring. The regime not only focus on strength and stamina aspect but the coaches are committed on the skills aspect as well. The coaches ensure that you have a clear line of sight to your goals, they have a progression charts for each skill.

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